Pioneering the Anti-Virus technology and application into mobile device screen protectors, we have also developed products for electronic peripherals providing more comprehensive infection prevention. At the same time, we have extend the concept to materials that can be installed in public areas to provide durable surface protection against microbial growth and reduce the risk of virus transmission.

Our Anti-Virus team will continue the research and development investments and accelerate the verticals application penetrations. Collaborating with strategic partners to co-develop a dynamic range of antiviral materials and create a complete ecosystem. We aim to create an environment with advanced protection in the post-pandemic era!
Customer Reviews
Erica Media Industry

Anti-Virus Glass Screen Protector - iPad

Working in digital media, we use iPad to make proposals to clients most of the time. The screen protector provides smooth touch with high light transmittance allowing the crisp and vibrant colors of our designs to be perfecting demonstrated!
Jason Catering Industry

Anti-Virus Protective Film

Besides regular disinfection on a daily basis, we also use Anti-Virus protective films across the restaurant to provide our customers a peace of mind throughout the dining experience.
David Manufacturing Industry

Anti-Virus Glass Screen Protector - iPhone

Used to get the cheapest ones from night markets, however, they all got scratched and cracked as I always put it together with keys in my pockets. Now, I have been using the Anti-virus screen protector for months, and it’s not a problem anymore. The surface is still smooth. Really impressive!
Mark Medical Services

Anti-Virus Glass Screen Protector for iPhone

I get higher rate to expose to viruses due to my job. It is nice to have such an additional protection tho!
Educational Services

Anti-Virus Protective Film

Just receive the delivery of my new iPad. Gotta place it right away. I noticed this screen protector from friends. The feature of preventing germs transmitting from person to person makes me feel safe during the pandemic.
IT Industry

Anti-Virus Protective Film

I placed it onto the elevator buttons where hundreds of fingers and hands make contact with. The films are likely to minimize the spread of germs. It is not expensive to change it regularly by small area.
Sesame Street English Supplementary school. Anti-Virus PET protective film Installation.
Dragontrail Glass Protector iPhone 11
iPhone 11
Dragontrail Glass Protector iPhone 12
iPhone 12
Dragontrail Glass Protector iPhone 13
iPhone 13